Corporate Life Insurance

Corporate-owned life insurance is a secure way to make sure you, as well as your employees and shareholders are covered.

In case of death, the corporation or the family of the covered person will get death benefit payment to cover for all the necessary expenses. For example, if a key employee is lost, the insurance can help by paying for recruitment, training and other aspects the corporation will have to deal with in order to minimize the impact caused by the death. In addition, getting corporate life insurance is a safe way to increase tax-efficiency.

Term life insurance is the most basic type of corporate life insurance, providing low-cost death benefits for the beneficiaries of the policy, e.g., the corporation or your family.

Permanent life insurance is one of the most tax efficient investments in the corporation to cover liabilities and shelter some assets.  


  • Whole life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance

Business Loan Protection

Business loan protection is meant to cover for loan repayments in case the business owner/owners cannot repay their mortgage because of sudden death.

Key Person Insurance

The death of a shareholder or a key executive can put your business at serious risk.

We can introduce solutions to cover the financial losses caused by the loss of one of the key persons in the corporation.

Overhead Expense Insurance

It is designed for businesses in which one or a small number of people produce a large proportion of revenue and it is meant to cover for the insured’s overhead in case of disability.

Corporate Critical Illness Insurance

Business owners, as well as key persons and other employees and their families, can benefit from a corporate critical illness insurance.

From medication to out of hospital recovery, all the costs are covered by the tax free benefit one gets if they have the protection of a corporate critical illness insurance.

Group Employee Benefit

Showing your employees that you value their work, as well as them as persons is easy with a group employee benefit scheme.

Group pensions, group income protection, private medical insurance, group death in service as well as other benefits should be part of the scheme and we are here to help you tailor your own. Emerald Wealth Management Inc. will help you choose the right plan design for your employees.

We can help you get started on choosing the right corporate insurance plan.

Get started by booking an appointment.

We can help you get started on choosing the right corporate insurance plan.

Get started by booking an appointment.