Medical Students
A career in medical practice is a life-long investment and it is important to understand the financial implications of your choice as soon as you embark on the amazing journey of studying medicine.

With education costs and living expenses increasing every year, most medical students will start their residency having accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. During their studies, few are aware of the risks accidents and unforeseen health problems can pose to their education and career. Having disability insurance will help you protect your dream of becoming a health professional should you suffer a minor injury or become seriously disabled. In case of surgical emergency, broken bones or other health-related causes that force you stop studying or working full-time, you can make a claim to protect yourself and your finances until recovery. The investment you are now making is huge and protecting it with the right insurance policy is the smartest choice for your future.


In order to decide what financial needs we can help you with, it is worth considering a few important financial aspects every medical student should think of:

Debt management – How am I going to do it properly?

Financial investment – When and what should I start investing in?

Living accommodation – Should I buy or rent? How should I save for a down payment?

RRSP and/TFSA – What is the best way to make use of them?

Risk of disability – Why should I buy disability insurance and what disability plan is better for me?

Life insurance – Why is it important and when should I start looking for it?


Feel free to get in touch with us for additional support in relation to your financial plans and needs.

Eligibility Category Maximum Issue Limits Grad Program Premium
First or second year medical students $1,500 25%
Third year medical students $2,500 25%
Fourth year medical students $4,500 25%
Other residents (not in last year – others) $4,500 25%
Other residents (not in last year – specialists) $4,500 25%
Graduates (last year residents planning to enter practice – others) $7,500 25%
Graduates (last year residents planning to enter practice – specialists) $10,500 25%
Fellowship program (not in last year of specialty or sub-specialty) $8,500 25%
Fellowship graduate (last year of specialty or sub-specialty, planning to enter practice) $10,500 25%
Dental Students
While studying to become a dentist might be your main focus, it is important to think about your future in financial terms as well.

Running a practice takes more than medical knowledge – you will also need money to open it, business acumen and the ability to mitigate unexpected costs. Working on your future career protection should start while you are still studying. The huge investment you are now making, both time and money-wise, needs to be protected with the best policy insurance should you want to make the most of it.

Many dental students are so focused on planning their future and their studying that they seem to forget that unpredicted events can jeopardize both their studies and career. Accidents and disability can put a hold on one’s studies and future, so having disability insurance will give you peace of mind now and the opportunity to recover at the right pace should you stop studying or working full-time because of accident or disability.

Asking yourself a few questions on financial matters while studying will make your journey towards your dream career easier, safer and more enjoyable. Please get in touch if you have questions about any of these aspects:

Debt – Should I start saving or pay off my debt?

Investment – What should I start investing in and when?

Disability – What income insurance in case of disability can I access? What is the best disability plan for me? Should I consider disability overhead expense insurance?

Life Insurance – Why do I need it and when should I start looking into it?

Lifestyle – Should I buy or rent a house? Buy or lease a vehicle?

Eligibility Category Maximum Issue Limits Grad Program Premium
First or second year dental students $500 20%
Third year dental students $1,000 20%
Interns/Residents $3,500 25%
Graduate (not specializing) $3,500 20%
Graduate (specialists) $4,500 25%
Medical Residents
After years of studying and hundreds of thousands of accumulated debt, you want your residency years to be the best final step towards an amazing career, with no unexpected risks and supplementary difficulties.
Protecting what you have invested, as well as your soon-to-start career is the choice you need to make as soon as possible. However, accidents or sudden disability can happen and you don’t want such unlucky events to jeopardize your career. With a disability insurance, you will have a steady income even if you are not able to work or you need to work part-time. There is no need to wait for catastrophic events in order to claim a payment as you can expect financial support even in case of surgeries, broken bones and other minor illness.

What you can get?

Eligibility Category Maximum Issue Limits
Resident $4,500
Fellowship $8,500
First year practicing family physician $7,500
First year practicing physician in a specialty $10,500

Talk to us if you already have an existing policy and want to increase that policy to maximum residency limit. Tailored supplementary financial advice also available on request.

We can help you get a head start on your career.

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We can help you get a head start on your career.

Get started by booking an appointment.